Birmingham Ski Club

Meet Our Officers...

Our officers are nominated by the Board and are elected by vote of the  members of the Club.  They volunteer their time and efforts to successfully managing the social and business affairs of the Club.  They act on behalf of the membership and provide leadership in adhering to the bylaws of the Club.


Linda Reed, President

Calvin Fleming, Vice President



Lee Woodry, Treasurer



Elizabeth McElroy, Secretary


Meet Our Board of Directors...

Our Board of Directors are elected by the membership or appointed by the President. Board responsibilities include the governing of the bylaws and monitoring/strengthening programs and services consistent with the Club’s mission.  You can reach any Board Member via Club Directory, if a member, or at:

Kenny Smitherman, Trustee (Past President)


John Markle, Board Member

 3 Years Elected,  2015-18


Ed Underwood, Board Member

3 Years Elected , 2016-2019


Deb Parker, Board Member

3 Years Elected, 2017-20

Pam Winfield, Board Member

1 Year Appointed, 2017-18

Sue Inzer, Board Member

1 Year Appointed, 2017-18

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