AL/AU Football!

  • 24 Nov 2018
  • 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Dianne & EJ Vetrano's House (Private Residence)

GAME time set! Party time set! 1:30 pm DON'T MISS IT!!!  After the "White Meat vs Dark Meat Dilemma", after you have settled the "Dressing vs Stuffing Situation" (is there REALLY still a question here?) , after the last piece of pie is hidden for "later, by myself", there is STILL A QUESTION TO BE SETTLED AT THANKSGIVING!  That's right, THE IRON BOWL will provide the answer to the BIGGEST question--AUBURN or ALABAMA???And while we are on the subject of FOOD AT THANKSGIVING--Remember to make an extra something for your Ski Club Friends at the Iron Bowl Party!  Come around 1:30 pm before the game starts at 2:30, and enjoy some great food!  The Vetrano's have scored some fabulous Boston Butts for our pot luck and we need to fill out the menu with some yummy SIDE DISHES!!!  What do you like to eat with BBQ??  E. J. will also get a pan of potato salad, but how about YOU bring some slaw, baked beans, maybe you made an extra green bean casserole, scalloped potatoes or a broccoli salad?  Leftover Dressing???  Maybe that 7-layer salad or the layered bean dip?  Remember that a good pot luck always has actual food--not 16 pound cakes!!!  Bring it on!!!  You didn't get enough YET, did you???  Lets put on an "Eating Display" and cheer on our favorite teams!!!  Don't forget your favorite beverage--as always BYOB!  Can't wait!  See you THERE!

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